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Frankfurt Book Fair 2012

Visit us at the Frankfurt Book Fair, October 10-14, 2012, Hall 5.0/C930 - Czech collective stand.

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Fraus Publishing continues in the extraordinary success!

The Best European Schoolbook Award, a competition held in co-operation with the Frankfurt International Book Fair, awarded two of the Fraus Publishing textbooks. The expert jury awarded the Gold medal to the teaching materials set of Prvouka (Elementary Science) for 2nd grade of basic schools and a Special prize to the interactive Geography textbook for the 9th grade of basic schools. The prizes were presented to Mr. Fraus, Executive of the Publishing House, at the 63th Frankfurt International Book Fair.

Authors of the Elementary Science set, Michaela Dvořáková and Jana Stará appreciate the recognition very much. As they put it, it brought them assurance in creating other textbooks and also in presenting materials to teachers. "We meet teachers who like our textbooks although they admit the lesson preparation is more demanding than they had been used to, but on the other hand, we also meet many teachers who still prefer the traditional approach. And we want to show them qualities of our textbooks", said Michaela Dvořáková.
The authors followed a less often trodden path in the overall conception: "The Elementary Science lessons, especially in the second grade, are often perceived as time for talking, playing or repeating things from the first grade. Consequently, pupils only learn few new things. In our book, we wanted to invite children as real partners in serious discussions and to offer them interesting information, put the co-author Michaela Dvořáková.
As a result, the second-graders meet new concepts such as multiculturalism and learn that otherness doesn´t have to be threatening but can be interesting. The textbook describes situations which can happen when meeting with other ethnic groups. Various tasks prepare children for such situations and practise behaviour reducing potential difficulties or conflicts and supporting co-operation and understanding. Other parts of the textbook teach children for example how to identify situations which are or can be threatening to them and how to address the adults and ask for help.

A Special Prize was awarded by the jury to the interactive Geography for 9th grade of basic schools and 6- or 8-year grammar schools as to a unique material. The jury comprised of experts appreciated not only the high quality of the interactiveness but also a modern methodological approach used in the textbook.
The fourteen co-authors led by Miroslav Marada used the principle of the so-called pedagogical constructivism when writing the textbook. In practice, this means that children are not taught "ready-made" truths. Instead, the teacher shall first elicit what children already know about the issue and then, using appropriate teaching methods, he or she shall lead them to finding out what they had understood correctly or what they had misunderstood. Children´s activity is vital in the process during which they "puzzle things out" themselves or in group work. "We wanted to prepare a textbook which would teach children think more independently and memorize less", said Miroslav Marada.
The positive reactions of teachers who quickly fell for the book and use it extensively show the authors succeeded in their intention. The reason is, according to Miroslav Marada that geography in this conception does not avoid real life problems; vice versa, it uses them in the lessons. Pupils learn for example about the impact of transport on the environment, what problems arise in the surroundings after a hypermarket is built etc. Such conception of course includes the environmental issues or talking about natural disasters. The authors treat the ecological topics in accordance with the "think globally, act locally" principle.
Miroslav Madada adds, "Teachers also like chapters dealing with services and tourism because the traditional geography is based mainly on the industry and agriculture. This way, the teachers can teach pupils new pieces of knowledge.

Overall, 40 titles from 20 countries entered in the competition out of which 9 (including the original Czech textbook) were nominated for the award.

The prize is awarded by the European Educational Publishers Group (EEPG). The Fraus Publishing seated in Plzeň thus continues in the extraordinary success it has achieved in the previous three years when it was awarded prizes for the following textbooks: Život v našem regionu / The Life in Our Region (integrated natural science and humanities workbook) (Special Prize in 2010), Mathematics for 6th grade of basic schools (Silver Medal in Best European Schoolbook Awards 2009) and History for the 6th grade of basic schools (bronze Medal in EEPG Best Schoolbook Awards 2009), Chemistry for 8th grade of basic schools (Gold medal in EEPG Best Schoolbook Awards 2008).


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