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Fraus Publishing

Fraus Publishing is one of the largest Czech textbook publishers. Further to this, it ranks among the main promoters of interactive electronic learning in the CR.

Activities of the publishing house and its subsidiaries Fraus Media and Akademie moderního vzdělávání (Academy of Modern Education) focus on the following areas:

Development &Publishing of Textbooks and Teaching Materials

Fraus develops and publishes complete sets of both printed and interactive textbooks and educational materials. They complement each other and form a complex portfolio of teaching and learning materials for all grades of elementary and secondary schools within the Czech schooling system, stretching even to out-of-school language courses run by public or private schools of languages.

Interactive Learning and Teaching Materials

  • Interactive Textbooks
  • SLA (Second Language Acquisition) Applications - Language Chapters, WordTrainer Basic, WordTrainer FRAUS, Flexibooks Reader
  • Flexibooks - an e-shop offering textbooks and quality fiction books aimed at support for learners (e.g. set texts for schools)

Other Production

Apart from textbooks, the publishing house also publishes pedagogical literature, the Čti+ series (Read+ - first readers supporting reading literacy), popular science children's encyclopedias CO-JAK-PROČ (What-How-Why) and other hobby literature.

Teacher Education

Fraus Publishing also provides workshops and courses for teachers. In the 2013/2014 school year, more than 3,500 teachers were trained within this service segment.

We offer training in the following areas:

  • Workshops accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education sharing the latest information on the state-of-the-art methodology, learning materials and technologies
  • Methodology workshops
  • Specialized workshops in schools
  • Partner workshops (Google, Adra, The National Centre for Safer Internet, Fair Trade)
  • Conferences, summer schools



The production of Fraus Publishing is valued as one of the highest quality among the leading Czech and European publishers. Several titles have already won awards in book competitions such as the Best European Textbook Competition.

Our textbooks and dictionaries rank among the best in Europe!

Jiří Fraus is receiving the award

The Managing Director of Fraus Publishing, Jiří Fraus, is receiving the award.

Czech 1 - Phonetic Reading & Writing MethodThe latest awarded textbook so far is Český Silver Medaljazyk 1 - výuka čtení a psaní genetickou metodou (Czech 1 - Phonetic Reading & Writing Method). This textbook won a Silver Medal in the Best European Schoolbook Awards, organised within the Frankfurt Book Fair 2013.

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Edvarda Beneše 72
301 00 Plzeň
Czech Republic

tel.: +420 377 226 102
fax.: +420 377 224 594
e-mail: info@fraus.cz

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We support various educational events, such as the International Summer Language School run by the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Basic Study Centre etc.

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