Our products

Fraus Publishing aims to provide a complex range of products and services to support teaching at primary and secondary schools in the Czech Republic.

Development & Publishing of Textbooks and Teaching Materials

Fraus develops and publishes complete sets of both printed and interactive textbooks and educational materials. They complement each other and form a complex portfolio of teaching and learning materials for all grades of elementary and secondary schools within the Czech schooling system, stretching even to out-of-school language courses run by public or private schools of languages.

Interactive Learning and Teaching Materials
Other Production

As well as textbooks, the publishing house also publishes pedagogical literature, the Čti+ series (Read+ - first readers supporting reading literacy), the popular children's science encyclopaedia CO-JAK-PROČ (What-How-Why), and other hobby literature.

Primary Schools
  Czech language
  Elementary science
  Personal development and cross curricular topics 
  Musical education 
  Foreign languages
Secondary Schools/ High Schools
  Czech language
  Foreign languages
Foreign languages teaching materials
  My First Words
  English with Animals
  Start with Click new
  First Choice
  Let´s Talk Anew - Modern Conversation Topics
  Step by Step
  Your Space
  eurolingua English
  Basic Facts series
  Surveys of Literature
  The ‘Angličtina v praxi (Practical English)’ Project 
  Business/Technical English for Beginners
  studio d
  studio 21
  MAX series - german as a foreign language for children
  German for Language Schools in a New Way 
  25 + 5 German Conversation Topics
  Kommunikation im Beruf
  Mit Deutsch in Europa studieren - arbeiten - leben
  Deutsch für deinen Job (German for trades and services)
  Raduga po-novomu
  Ven nuevo
  Código ELE 
Dictionaries and Supplementary Materials
  My First Dictionary of the Czech Language + CD-ROM
  My First English-Czech / Czech-English School Dictionary + CD-ROM
  Illustrated School Dictionary of the Czech Language + CD-ROM
  Illustrated English-Czech / Czech-English School Dictionary + CD-ROM
  Illustrated English-Czech / Czech-English Dictionary + CD-ROM (3rd edition)
  Illustrated German-Czech / Czech-German  Dictionary + CD-ROM (2nd edition)
  English-Czech / Czech-English Pocket Dictionary (2nd edition)
  German-Czech / Czech-German Pocket Dictionary (2nd edition)
  English-Czech Illustrated Topical Dictionary (3rd edition)
  German-Czech Illustrated Topical Dictionary
  English Grammar Practice
  Life and Culture in the UK
  Life and Culture in the U.S.
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