Maths textbook for elementary school pupils (age 6 to 10)
Mathematics (Prof. Hejný)
  • Unique approach to the world of mathematics - usage of specific "environments" (or activity types) which practise or simulate various mathematical processes and operations. These are linked to the pupils´ own experiences and are called for example "step-taking", "bus", "cycle path", "parquet blocks", "neighbours", or "dice-throwing"
  • A large number of contexts introducing the key concepts
  • Conception developing mathematical thinking, intellectual and communicative capabilities and skills, creativity and social behaviour.
  • Unconventional approach to mathematics as well as to goals of education in general
  • Cross-curricular approach
  • Clear layout with plenty of illustrations and photographs
  • Bottom bars with instructions both for teachers and parents and colour boxes with supplementary information
  • Basic components of 1st and 2nd grade sets: print textbooks with integrated workbook, teacher's books; interactive textbooks and teacher's books
  • Basic components of 3rd to 5th grade sets: print textbooks, workbooks and teacher's books; interactive textbooks and teacher's books
  • Also available: plenty of supplementary materials for each grade

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Mathematics with “Čtyřlístek”

For elementary school

A series of traditional mathematics textbooks with the characters of the popular comic series “Čtyřlístek”. The textbooks were prepared in accordance with the General Education Program for Primary Education.

Our aim is to teach children to like mathematics and not to fear it!
The aim of the Mathematics with Čtyřlístek textbook is creating such an individual teaching style and learning strategy that will allow each pupil to apply the learned knowledge and skills to everyday situations.

The set for grade 1 consists of 2 workbooks and a teacher’s book. The set for grades 2 – 5 contains a textbook, 2 workbooks, and a teacher’s book.

The textbooks are also being released in interactive form.

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